Sunday, May 20, 2007

How Bugs Bunny Can Get You Into The Flow of Golf

Golf, the game that takes each who dare to play on the wildest of rides. No two moments are ever the same allowing us to go from total exhileration to complete and utter frustration within the time it takes to swing a club. Ahh but in the very frustration lies the hook that keeps us coming back again and again. It is the grown up game that allows us to let our child within come out and play in todays seriously grown up world. When frustration strikes and golf is no longer fun, the kid within us leaves and we find our adult self “in our head”. The question then becomes; how do we get out of our head, let the kid inside come out and just enjoy the ride?
Here are a few quick and simple mental coaching tips that will help you get back in the game:
  • When the little voice inside begins to argue its case and you are 10 stokes over at the 4th hole, take a moment to play a “head game”. Change the Voice… Thats right, the voice in your head, change it so that it begins to sound like Bugs Bunny. Hear Bugs talking instead of you. As you try to take in every word that Bugs is sharing, notice that it is harder to hear him because all of the sudden Elmer Fud is “hunting wabbits”so Bugs is off and running, moving far away. He is still trying to talk at you but you can no longer hear what he has to say. The further away he gets the more you want to laugh at the thought of Bugs Bunny telling you how to play golf. You know golf beyond words and lessons. You know golf from a place, a sense, a connection of natural ability from deep within; not from a cartoon voice. It is in this moment that you decide to just let Bugs, Elmer and all of those words go wherever they will in cartoon land as you tee up with a smile on your face, an ease in your swing, fully connected and in the flow of golf.

  • Laughing isn’t for you, that’s ok then try this on for size… When tension strikes and you are hitting the ball in anyway except how you truly want, take a moment to FOCUS. Become fully aware of exactly what you DO WANT (as soon as you focus on what you don’t want you bring it front and center attracting that very result). Put all of your thought, energy and awareness on what you Do Want. As you become aware of what that is, sink into the feeling of achieving exactly that… Notice what you want, see yourself achieving that, think about how your body will feel, how you are standing, breathing, speaking and moving. Hear what you will be saying to yourself and now consider how great it is achieving what you really want… Having achieved this, step back into the present moment on the course clear of mind, fully FEELING your focus and create the result you now know how to achieve.

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